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Bugeyed Steve and his rat Fibonacci

I have no idea what I’m doing, but my art show is coming soon

It’s a work in progress, always. In my sketch book I used reference images from pixel lovely, hope gangloff, and art-creature on tumblr.
I decided to take all my sketch books and put them into one, to start anew.

the incandescent mind

(Source: the-life-of-chave)

when I did my first ever ink drawing. good memories

(Source: the-life-of-chave)

1) give me something to believe in (unfinished)

2) I was just listening to white teeth teens by lorde

(Source: the-life-of-chave)

" I remember when your head caught flame, it kissed your scalp and caressed your brain"- Lorde, Buzzcut Season

I made this by drawing with ink over random water color splotches.

(Source: the-life-of-chave)

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